Enhanced Heavy Service Casters (HS) Capacity Range: 600 - 2,000 lbs.

#S-HS-6DB Swivel w/ Duralast® Wheel

#R-HS-6FST Rigid Heavy Service w/ Forged Steel Wheel.

Hamilton’s Heavy Service Casters are the toughest casters you can buy in the 2" wide wheel class because of their premium drop forged steel construction. Popularity of this series continues to grow due to the comprehensive range of wheel types, sizes and optional extras available, including heat-treated raceways and dual-wheel models.

  • Swivel Lock
- 4 Position (-4SL) - convert swivel to rigid for straight line steering, robotically welded housing & CNC-milled slots assure long lasting, trouble-free performance.
  • Sealed Swivel Assembly
(-SS) - prolongs caster life in harsh environments, not available with swivel lock.
  • Wheel Bearing Seals
(-BS) - prolong wheel life in harsh environments.
  • Dual-Wheel Models
- minimize overall height & maximize capacity, see HS2 Series.
  • Spring Loaded Models
- see SP Series.
  • Custom Engineering
- Hamilton engineers will custom design any caster to meet customer requirements.
  • Swivel Construction
- 5/16" thick drop forged steel mounting plate (rigid plate 1/4" thick); 1/4" x 2" plate steel legs robotically welded inside and outside to forged steel horn base.
HS Series Swivel Construction
  • Kingpin
- Sturdy 3/4" diameter integrally forged with mounting plate, threaded for lock nut (guaranteed for life!).
  • Main Load Bearing
- CNC-machined 3 1/4" diameter raceway; 3/8" diameter hardened and polished steel balls.
  • Secondary Load Bearing
- 3/4" precision tapered thrust bearing counteracts radial thrust.
  • Axle
- 1/2" diameter hex head with lock nut.
  • Lubrication Fittings
- Ball-check type in swivel assembly and in wheel hubs with tapered or straight roller bearings.

The Enhanced Heavy Service Series (HS) is backed by Hamilton’s Three Year Product Warranty. Refer to selection table for qualifying wheels.
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Wheel Diameter
Wheel DiameterWheel FaceWheel TypeSwivel Model No. Roller/Prec. BB3 YR.MSRPSwivel Model No. Tapered Brgs.3 YR.MSRPLoad Capacity (lbs.)Overall HeightWeight Lbs.
62Duralast XC®S-EHS-6DB70$160S-EHS-6DT70$18415607 3417
62Duralast®S-EHS-6DB$139S-EHS-6DT$16612007 3417
62Ergo-GlideS-EHS-6SPB$149S-EHS-6SPT$1719607 3417
62Forged SteelS-EHS-6FSB$162S-EHS-6FST$28920007 3416
62MetalS-EHS-6MB $124 14007 3416
62PlastexS-EHS-6P $108 12007 3412
62Polylast™S-EHS-62AYB$180 6007 3412
62Swivel-EAZ®S-EHS-6SWF$199 17007 3413
62Ultralast®S-EHS-6TRB$205S-EHS-6TRT$25114007 3412
82Duralast XC®S-EHS-8DB70$177S-EHS-8DT70$19619509 3419
82Duralast®S-EHS-8DB$157S-EHS-8DT$16715009 3419
82Ergo-GlideS-EHS-8SPB$165S-EHS-8SPT$18012009 3419
82MetalS-EHS-8MB $137 15009 3421
82PlastexS-EHS-8P $114 14009 3414
82Polylast™S-EHS-82AYB$207 10009 3414
82Swivel-EAZ®S-EHS-8SWF$215 20009 3417
82Ultralast®S-EHS-8TRB$269S-EHS-8TRT$28918009 3419