Manufactured Lean in the USA
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DiameterFaceWheel TypeSwivel Model NumberMSRPLoad Capacity (lbs.)Overall HeightWeight Lbs.
42Aqualite®S-WHS-4AZ$2505505 588
42Ergo-Tech™S-WHS-42EMB$2746505 589
42Nylast®S-WHS-4NYSB$38316005 5811
42Poly-Tech®S-WHS-4NFZ$2525005 588
42Stainless SteelS-WHS-4SZ$3538505 5815
42Unilast®S-WHS-4UYZ$2997505 589
42White NylonS-WHS-4WNSB$2798005 588
52Aqualite®S-WHS-5AZ$2546506 128
52Nylast®S-WHS-5NYSB$34016006 129
52Poly-Tech®S-WHS-5NFZ$2556006 129
52Stainless SteelS-WHS-5SZ$4129506 1215
52Unilast®S-WHS-5UYZ$3049006 129
52White NylonS-WHS-5WNSB$2829006 129
62Aqualite®S-WHS-6AZ$2607507 129
62Ergo-Tech™S-WHS-62EMB$28511007 1210
62Nylast®S-WHS-6NYSB$45616007 1210
62Poly-Tech®S-WHS-6NFZ$2628007 129
62Stainless SteelS-WHS-6SZ$44210007 1222
62Unilast®S-WHS-6UYZ$31310007 129
62White NylonS-WHS-6WNSB$28910007 1210
82Aqualite®S-WHS-8AZ$2719009 1210
82Ergo-Tech™S-WHS-82EMB$32212009 1213
82Nylast®S-WHS-8NYSB$49716009 1213
82Poly-Tech®S-WHS-8NFZ$2769009 1210
82Stainless SteelS-WHS-8SZ$69710009 1235
82Unilast®S-WHS-8UYZ$33710009 1210
82White NylonS-WHS-8WNSB$30611009 1212

Hamilton HPI™ Technology

Hamilton Precision Integrated

The Stainless Steel Workhorse Series features Hamilton’s Precision Integrated HPI™ Swivel Technology. The new technology outperforms conventional CNC-machined ball raceways, kingpinless, and unit load bearing swivel constructions. 

Hamilton Durability

Three Year Warranty

The Stainless Steel Workhorse Series (WHS) is backed by Hamilton’s Three Year Product Warranty. Refer to selection table for qualifying wheels.