Manufactured Lean in the USA


The toughest on the planet guaranteed.

We could tell you all about how Hamilton makes the most durable casters and wheels, but you don't have all day. So here's the bottom line.

We're so certain of our durability that we guarantee nearly all of our casters and wheels for 3 years. Chances are, you'll never need it. But you'll appreciate the peace of mind knowing that if a caster or wheel fails, you're covered. In fact, many customers tell us the warranty helped justify a more expensive caster to their boss.

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Covered from top to bottom: the nitty-gritty details

Your warranty begins the day of the original invoice. It protects against manufacturer defects and failures that occur during normal operating use. Should a caster fail, we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

What's not covered? Overload, misuse, accidents, abuse, wear-and-tear, improper installation, shipping damage, or unusual operating conditions, such as extreme temperatures.

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Which casters and wheels are guaranteed?

Check the list below, or look for the 3-year warranty logo on their corresponding product pages. Have questions about your warranty? Drop us a line.