Manufactured Lean in the USA
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DiameterFaceWeight Lbs.Hub LengthLoad Capacity Lbs.Base
Model #
Precision Ball Bearing Sizes
4252 12600W-420-SPB-
51 1242560W-515-SPB-
5252 12840W-520-SPB-
61 1252680W-615-SPB-
6282 12960W-620-SPB-
62 12113 121300W-625-SPB-
63133 121800W-630-SPB-
82112 121200W-820-SPB-
82 12193 121600W-825-SPB-
83203 122000W-830-SPB-
102 12173 122000W-1025-SPB-
103243 122400W-1030-SPB-
123433 122800W-1230-SPB-

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